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I'm back!


I stopped the update short this time because we are ready to move onto the next chapter in the story, which is going to be really intense for me artistically and for the comic story-wise. It is a very important chapter and is something I do not want to rush or screw up. In order for it to be as effective as possible I need to take a short break to complete it. This includes an end of chapter video update.

I will hopefully only need to take a break until the 30th of September, which is two weeks. During this time I will still stream for the Patreon patrons, answer questions, and post art and new merchandise. Please feel free to email me during the break at pactmakerllc /at/ gmail /dot/ com

I am very much looking forward to completing chapter thirteen and starting fourteen..


I'm going to be attending Alternicon this November, where I will be doing a presentation on the art and story of Ava's Demon.

Alternicon 2014 is a webcomic and alternative media convention set to happen the weekend of November 15th and 16th in Boston Massachusetts, at the Midtown Hotel on 220 Huntington Avenue. They are still looking for fans of popular comics to add programming. The details are provided below if you would like to contribute to the convention!

" As a webcomic convention, we are looking to have a variety of popular comics represented in our programming, including Ava's Demon. Fans who want to contribute should apply by filling out this survey:

(link also found on our website, under "programming").

We will accept any sort of discussion about the plot, characters, themes, or fan theories of Ava's Demon or any other webcomic, in the form of single-person talks, panels, round tables, or interactive games! Questions should be directed to our programming chair at aramm.prof@gmail.com or on Tumblr, Skype, or Facebook at Supergirlx55. More information about us can be found on their website: alternicon.com


Dear Readers,

Ava's Demon has grown exponentially over the last year and the site has been hit with significant bandwidth overage costs by our host. Recently we were able to hire a web developer to rebuild the site and it is now faster than ever, giving Ava's Demon the largest flow of traffic it's ever had.

For Ava's Demon to continue as a webcomic there needs to be a solution to pay for the fluctuating costs of the web hosting and developer fees. The decision has been made to put Google Ads up onto the site to help pay for these costs. I am working with a representative from Google directly on making sure ad placement on the site does not interfere with user experience.
If you cannot support the Patreon there are two things you can do to help us out:

1. If you use AdBlock please white list AvasDemon.com so you can see ads from this site. Just by viewing the ad enough money will be given to the website to support your bandwith load.
2. If you see an ad you hate and think it is completely irrelevant for the content of this site, please send it to ads.avasdemon@gmail.com so that I can filter it out of the system.

Thanks for understanding! Cheers everyone!


Mini Hiatus for OTAKON:
Hey guys! Otakon is coming up on the 8th and I need to prepare and will be gone for an entire weekend, so I will lose a lot of working time. I also need to wrap up some other projects like getting the storenvy up finally, switching the site over to faster code, and preparing for the next video.
I'd also like to leave my house and get some sun!

Updates will be postponed until Monday August 18th! See you then!


I'm going to be attending Anime Expo in Los Angeles, July 3rd - 6th, where we be having a sale on all prints,

as well as key necklaces, buttons, stickers, pins, large posters, and will be taking book orders.

We'll also have some special cards to buy of my other art,

and super high quality prints of the Maggie and Ava posters.

I'll be at Table E12 in Artist Alley! Hope to see you there!


I will be at ANIME EXPO this summer with all the usual to sell at table E12 JULY 3 - 6

I will also be tabling with a fellow artist at OTAKON for the first time ever, AUGUST 8 - 10

Hopefully for Otakon I will have some new prints and buttons!


Tomorrow I will be at MoCCA fest in NYC!

I should be there the whole weekend selling books, buttons, keys, prints, stickers, and original art. Look for me on the left hand side of the room at table E1.

Books will be 30$ and additionally battle damaged books will be 15$ (books with small imperfections from the factory) all will be signed.

We will have 3 types of keys: Bronze (85$) Comes in a special package with stickers and a signed print , Red Plastic (25$) , and a special Metallic resin (30$).

Come and say hi!! This is like my third convention ever and my first one on the east coast, I wanna meet you guys!!


A small break until April 21st!

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed yesterday's video. I'm making this post to tell you that I need to take a short break from updating for a few reasons:

-The Kickstarter! There are still a lot of really important things I need finish up like portraits, sketches, shipping, signing books, etc, which I'll be doing for the next two weeks. Krzys and I have been getting orders at random out at about 200-300 packages a week and we would like to finally finish off sending them out.

-Conventions! There are two coming up that I will be at back to back and I need to get things ready for them.

MOCCA - April 5 & 6 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. in NYC, selling extra books, stickers, prints, etc. Anime St. Louis April 11th-13th - where I will be doing two panels: one on art and one on story, though I think the two will be similar in content, again selling any leftovers we have at a table in artist alley.

I'll also be at AX July 3rd- 6th and Otakon August 8 - August 10 jsyk!

I also want to take some time to write out scripts, prepare for the NEXT video which is gonna be a buttload of work, I can feel it now, make some new posters, set up more wallpapers on the donation page, fix the slowness of the website, so on and so forth. So thanks for your patience guys, I hope you understand! After these next two months are over everything should go more smoothly.

Also if there is anyone that is interested in making an epic, intense, fast-paced song for the next video, or feels they have a song they would like to let me use, please email me at avasdemon(at)gmail.com with a bandcamp or soundcloud. Thanks!

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